If you have any kind of computer problem in your home or small business, I highly recommend Arianne Eskew. She handled numerous issues for us quickly and efficiently, easily resolving all the problems for which we'd hired her. In addition, she fixed several other problems and identified a serious security lapse of which we had not been aware. I was impressed with her skill, professionalism and ability to swiftly zero in on the problem at hand.

~ Mary Carouba
The Women at Ground Zero Project, LLC
Sebastopol, CA

Arianne Eskew worked with us for over a year and was valued as a tenacious problem solver. She helped to maintain our network of 40 workstations as well as to keep our technical machinery such as our plotters functioning so that we could do our jobs with minimal disruptions. She was friendly and quite knowledgeable and would be an asset to any firm or individual needing technical abilities.

~ Pam Fischer
Summit Engineering, Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA

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